Amped Electrical Services

Alan Parish and Daniel Decker are the owners of local Amped Electrical Services, and when they walked through our doors a couple weeks ago it couldn’t have been any more perfect on the timing. Mr. Parish, like other businesses in the community, heard that Dream Street Graphics is the place to have your vehicle wrapped for the most exposure, highest customer service, and best graphics with certified installers. It just so happens that at the time we were in the market for an electrician to upgrade the lights in our bays.

After a few brief meetings and design talk, we were in business and plans were rolling smoothly! As it turned out, Mr. Parish and Mr. Decker were looking to get their truck wrapped as well as a van wrapped to promote their relatively new company that opened in 2011. Our graphic designers were quick to get everything squared away; simultaneously. Dream Street Graphics was under construction with getting our new lights installed.

In less than a day, the truck graphics had been installed at our location in southeast Indianapolis. Mr. Parish and Mr. Decker were thrilled with the result of the custom graphics that the designers came up with. Our graphic installers were equally impressed with the new lights that Amped Electrical put into our facility.

Amped Electrical Services is an employee owned and operated business based out of Morgantown, Indiana that services the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. With 24-hour emergency service, free estimates, and military and senior discounts, how can you resist calling them for your electrical needs? You can find them on Facebook, they are an Angie’s List member, and have a long list of additional services for your home or business needs. Call (317)474-1286 to make your connection with Amped Electrical today!

Did you know that one vehicle wrap can generate anywhere from 25,000-70,000 impressions daily? For more information on Dream Street Graphics, call (317)784-7775 for a free estimate on what it will take for you to stop driving naked!

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