Color Change

Why would you de-value your car with an aftermarket paint job?

A high quality paint job can range from $2,000-$10,000 depending on the color, paint shop, and quality of the paints. The minute you touch your car with paint, it loses its value.

Get a Color Change Wrap!

If you’re tired of the color, or your lease is up, we’ll pull the wrap off and you’ll have the original paint job underneath – with no damage! Just like new!! This dual-layer car wrapping film incorporates color and clear protective layers, providing a smooth, paint-like finish that’s both durable and dazzling.

(Unless there is pre-existing damage…this product will not work miracles on your old jalopy…or will it?)

“Color changes” (otherwise known as “color change wraps”, “paint wraps”, “paint alternative”, or “paint replacement”)  for your vehicle are the hottest auto restyling feature on the market today. Your options are virtually unlimited when it comes to choosing a color, finish, foil or style for your ride.

The options are truly limitless and you are guaranteed to be happy with the results you’ll achieve with the help of our product. Whether it’s a stealth matte black wrap or mirror chrome wrap, or a custom work of art, our knowledgeable professionals will work with you to create a look that says you shape the world around your reality.

Breathe new life into your vehicle with a stunning color change wrap.

With hundreds of incredible colors to choose from and a custom look, your car will truly be reinvented with a color change wrap. Listed below are some of the reasons customers have brought us vehicles to get a color change wrap.

Cost: Professionally installed vinyls with the highest quality materials can cost $2500-$5,000+ and will have a life expectancy of 5-8 years depending on the vinyl used. This is a fraction of the cost of paint plus you are protecting the value of your car rather than de-valuing it. Which leads us to the biggest reason people get a color change wrap.

Resale Value: If your company or preference is for instance a bright exotic color, it may not be your potential buyer’s favorite color. Having the option to keep your vehicles original factory color will allow you to keep your resale value intact.

Countless Options: You will be able to stand out from all of the others and have a truly one of a kind vehicle. Upon purchasing your vehicle you may have wanted something different, or possibly a color that is not available in factory paint. With hundreds of color choices and digitally printed custom designs, you may transform your vehicle to the way you have always wanted it. If after a few years you are looking for change once again, just have us remove it and choose a new color!

Installation Time: When choosing to paint your vehicle you are allowing yourself to be without transportation for up to two weeks or longer. When wrapping a vehicle, we can have your car fully transformed within 1-3 days and ready to be picked back up.

Protection: A vehicle wrap does more than improve your vehicle’s appearance; it can protect paint from minor scratches, swirl marks, rain and pollutants. This allows your paint to age naturally and not be affected by prolonged sun exposure and fading. Vehicle wrap vinyl is a very durable material and will act as a shield. Say goodbye to stone chips, abrasion, and other natural hazards!

Easy Maintenance: Allow yourself to enjoy never having to wax again! (Ok once or twice a year is recommended but that’s basically like never having to wax again.) Vehicle wraps are extremely easy to maintain and will look brand new once again from only hand washing with soap and water. Another effective form of caring for your wrap is to use a microfiber rag and 70% alcohol to wash away any dirt or smudges.

Long Lasting, Safe Removal: Using a high quality vinyl ensures a long lasting product that can also be safely removed. A wraps life is highly affected by how long it is left outside in the sun causing it to fade more quickly. Keeping your vehicle in the garage will allow you to maximize your wraps life to the fullest extent. The vehicle wrap may be removed safely between the 5-8 year period and will NOT affect your current paint.