We appreciate your business and look forward to printing for you very soon! If you happen to be a first time wrap buyer or haven’t heard of us before we have put together a checklist of things you might find helpful as you move forward with this process. Download it now or see below for a preview! Thanks again!

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Vehicle Graphics

(The Process)

Before You Buy a Wrap

Understand the Process from OnScreen to Print


One of the more obvious aspects of vehicle wraps is the design.  Customers want results from the vehicle wrap.  For that to happen a marketing message needs to be communicated to their prospects.  Anyone can design vehicle graphics, not everyone can use a formula that creates an emotional connection.  That comes from experience in designing wraps and only wraps. Millions of people have seen our work on thousands vehicles. No matter where you start though it is always a good idea to have yourself organized. Designers prefer you have any and all assets ready to use. This could mean delivering your business logo via a vector file (.ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf) or a high resolution raster image via a .psd. If you don’t have any of these file types whomever created your logo probably does. If your logo is purely type then specify or provide the type to your designer. If photographs are to be used make sure they are of the highest quality and largest size so your designer can print clean non-pixelated images for you. Generally any images that is 300 dpi and at least 20 inches in width can be scaled up to look nice on a vehicle. Smaller images can work but the quality of the photo could be degraded if it is being re-sized too large.


The second point is one that most people don’t consider.  The type of material being used.  What we see from a lot of second time buyers that based their decision the first time around on, price only, is the use of inferior material from another supplier.  Some companies use sign grade material because it’s cheaper, but the fact is it’s not made for vehicles, it’s not meant to be wrapped.  The problems may not show up right away but there will be lifting, peeling, shrinking and substantial fading.


Third and most important is having a seasoned installation team. Even if the design is perfect, and you use the right material not having a dedicated team could cause failure of the graphics and unnecessary reproduction or re-installation. The combination of these three things ensure an effective marketing message that will last you for years to come.

Visual Check List

There are 10 things every vehicle wraps company should offer you. These are the TOP 3!

  1.  Dedicated Installers – Make sure that the provider that you choose has skilled, trained and dedicated employees to complete the process of installing the graphics on your vehicle. This will ensure that your finished product has been completed by a professional. Will they be using a freelance installer with no accountability, or using dedicated on-site staff at their own facility?
  2. Indoor Installation Location – The second thing you are going to want to know is the location of where they are going to install the graphics. You can pretty much tell when you pull up to the building whether they have installation bays in the back or not, which is a very crucial point. Without an install bay, the vehicles are probably being taken some place else to be installed. You may not know whom is driving your vehicle and whether they are insured or not, or if there will be any other problems. You will also want to confirm that the company’s install bay is climate controlled to ensure proper conditions for installing the graphics.
  3. Designs with Your Market in Mind – When you buy a wrap, you are buying a marketing message. The most important thing about the wrap is that it must work. It needs to bring you business! The designers should be dedicated to that as an art form and they should have a marketing purpose in mind. They should be able to educate the customer on what is really important to leave on versus what is important to leave off, show you how to make the best use of the available space, and create a marketing impact for your business. The bottom line: Is it causing your phone ring?

What we want to do is separate the market and let you know what makes a true wrap provider different, than let’s say, a company that sales twenty or thirty other different things.
~ President John Wiley