Construction Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Construction Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Does your construction vehicle fleet look professional? Professionally designed wraps and graphics on your commercial trucks and trailers can help!

If you’re looking for a way to advertise your business, consider getting a commercial construction vehicle wrap installed on your fleet of trucks, trailers, etc. These are ideal as they function in the same way that traditional billboards do but can be much more affordable than trying to get on every building in town! Commercial vehicle wraps will always follow your company wherever your jobs take you and everyone will get an eyeful now thanks to great advertising. And the best part is you don’t have to do it yourself.

Businesses need advertising in order to gain more customers and grow.. Professional vehicle and commercial fleet wraps will almost always catch the attention of onlookers on the road behind, beside, or even in front of you. Having an eye-catching design can boost your construction company’s presence and local awareness exponentially. Depending on your brand and your budget, you can choose between a full wrap, a partial wrap, or spot graphics and/or lettering. With Don’t Drive Naked’s award-winning design team, we will ensure that any method of vehicle graphics we produce is guaranteed to catch people’s attention.

What should a Construction Firms Vehicle Graphic Share?

  • Branded Company Name – This should be first and foremost. Any advertising that doesn’t promote your construction business’s name first is ineffective. Also, note people are more likely to look up your company name via google rather than record your phone number. You want it to be clear and easy to read to help them find you on the web.
  • Services – What services does your construction company provide? Are your most important building and renovation services listed on your van? Are they clear and understandable?
  • Logos – Do you have an eye-catching logo for your construction business that will help your vehicles stand out? (If not we can help with that) Also, are there other logos such as BBB, Chamber of Commerce or Readers Choice Awards that could be incorporated into your vehicle wrap and graphics to establish more local credibility?
  • Call to Action – It can be as simple as sharing contact information or highlighting your Brand Guarantee or Slogan. Is there any doubt the contact information can be seen on your construction trucks while traveling 55 MPH down the highway?

What Makes an Effective Construction Vehicle Graphic?

You’ll want to restrain from sharing too much information while maximizing the key elements: brand, product or service, logos, and icons (and slogan) make for good advertising. If you’d like to learn more our design team can create a wrap that is perfect for your construction business’s specific needs and style. We offer professional in-house design services, so if you need help creating a custom logo or an elegant layout that captures the attention of your ideal customers, contact us today!

And check out some of our past construction vehicle wrap jobs below!