Sun King Brewery


What do you get when you combine a local brewery, amazing graphic designers, and our impeccable attention to detail? Sun King’s delivery vehicle, Lexi!

Shane Brown is the Indianapolis based brewery’s in-house artist who approached Dream Street Graphics for ideas on Sprinter wraps in October 2012. With the amazing concepts that Brown designed, our designer Rob Rini tweaked the design to perfection. After getting approval from “the boys,” Lexi’s new look was a go!

Owners of the local brewery include Dave Colt, Clay Robinson, Omar Robinson, Andy Fagg, and Steve Koers. The brewery rolled out it’s first keg in July of 2009, making it the first full scale brewery in Indianapolis since 1948. In the nearly 4 years since opening the brewery, they have grown to be the second-largest brewery in the state of Indiana.

To learn more about Sun King Brewery check out their website, or if you’re feeling friendly go hang out with the crew at their downtown location… 135 N. College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202.

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